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Xjet m5 Twist System



15ft of hose and 14 color-coded chemical proportions.


#9 Oriface 3-3.5gpm machines 

#13 Oriface 4-4.5gpm machines 

#16 Oriface 5-6.5gpm machines 

#20 Oriface 7-8gpm machines

#25 Oriface 8+gpm machines


Keep chemicals out of your power washer, and control spray angle with just a twist, with the XJETM5-13K nozzle!


This easy to use item attaches to both your pressure washer wand and its own special X-Jet suction hose (included). As pressurized water exits your spray lance, through the X-Jet nozzle, the suction hose draws and proportions the appropriate amount of chemical from a separate tank. The mixing happens in the nozzle! Simply twist the X-Jet M5 to change spray patterns from 5° to 60°, without the need for multiple tips.


Dimensions: 5.38" x 1.25" x 2.38"

XJet m5 End of the line Injection System

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