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  • Red Stucco Tape is a polyethylene film tape designed for specialized applications.
  • The tape is formulated for minimum stretch and will help protecting surfaces without needing to worry about residue or other damage to the surface. It also easily unwinds from the roll and is tearable by hand, making for a simple application
  • Polyethylene tape goes on smoothly and comes off easily, helping you get through your duties more efficiently.
  • The UV resistant coating on Red Stucco Tape makes the product weather-resistant in addition to being waterproof. Many times, adverse weather conditions can hold you back as you plan and prepare to execute various projects, but this sun-resistant tape is always ready for action, rain or shine.
  • The bright red color allows for clear visibility to make sure no tape is leftover once your job is complete. 

Red Stucco Tape

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