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Pro Shine is a cost effective truck wash soap that helps removes stubborn road film, bug residue, soot, and other carbon based soils. It was developed to work with many different low pH presoaks in a 2 Step Wash Process. It can also work in a 1 Step touchless wash process for a basic, 55-mph clean.


  • Lower foam profile for easy rinsing.
  • Works well in many water conditions
  • Compatible in 1-step or 2-step truck wash
  • Formulated without phosphate salts



High pH 2nd Step or 1 Step Wash Soap

Standalone degreaser or pre-treatment

Can be used as a basic degreaser

Pairs well with nearly any low pH presoaks



Step 1: Low pH Pre-soak

Apply a Step 1 pre-soak to your vehicle, bottom to top. The acidic mixture will help neutralize static, unbinding road film from the surface.

Step 2: High pH Soap

Blanket the vehicle with your Step 2 Pro Shine soap, directly on top of the Step 1, low pH presoak. Apply bottom to top.


Rinse the truck, top to bottom.


Ships UPS Hazardous Materials.

There is a $65 charge to ship Pro Shine via HAZMAT.


Shipping prices are Added after Checkout, Please call prior to ordering for shipping prices. Any chemicals ordered and then canceled after order will be subject to 10% restocking fee.

Pro Shine by Wash Works Supply - 5gl

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