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Mango Mauler 16oz Bag.


Mango Mauler is a house/roof wash surfactant designed for moderate to high foaming superior cling ability. Rinses easily, leaving a clean surface behind. Mango Mauler is chlorine stable. (SH Stable)


One 160z pouch of Mango Mauler will replace up to one gallon of typical surfactant, making around 130 gallons of mix.



Recommended Directions:



Add 1 Cup of 8oz per 5 gallons of water in chem tank. Double dose for roof wash

House Wash: 1-3 on the dial, depending on stain level and foam preferecnce.

Roof Wash: 3-4 on the dial, depending on stain level and foam preference.



Batch Mixing:

Add 2 cups or 16oz per 130 gallons of mix. Double dosing for roof washing.

Add additional Mango Mauler depending on desired foam preference.

Use batch within 10days.




Brought to you by Neutrapods

Mango Mauler 16oz Bag by Neutrapods

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