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KickAss Degreaser is a cost effective heavy-duty degreaser that’s perfect for cleaning oils, grease, soot, restaurant greases & animal fats. It helps to remove even burned-on grease or exhaust-stains from stacks. If your fleet includes heavy equipment and machinery, this is the chemical for you.


  • Degreasing and soot removal
  • Breaks down heavy animal fats and oils
  • Moderate to high foaming qualities
  • Surfactant package makes soils easy to remove



Heavy Duty Degreaser
Excellent for restaurant & kitchen vent hood cleaner
Works well on milk tankers, animal byproducts, rendering plants
Other applications include concrete oil stains, engine bays, exhaust trails




Through A Pressure Washer

Dilute your KickAss Degreaser as directed by your detergent specialist for application through a chemical injector

Pump-Up Sprayer or direct application

Dilute your KickAss Degreaser as directed for manual applications


Ships UPS Hazardous Materials.

There is a $65 charge to ship Gold Assassin via HAZMAT.


Shipping prices are Added after Checkout, Please call prior to ordering for shipping prices. Any chemicals ordered and then canceled after order will be subject to 10% restocking fee.

KickAss Degreaser by Wash Works Supply - 5gl

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