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Green Ox Renew - 1gallon with 1qt accelerator/activator



GreenOx Renew™ is an earth-friendly wood cleaner that restores and revitalizes weathered surfaces without hard scrubbing or pressure washing.

GreenOx Renew is a participant in the U.S EPA Safer Choice program and classified as a direct release product. 

The powerful formula quickly reacts with mold and mildew stains, eliminating them and brightening the wood to look like new again. Renew has the unique ability to absorb into the pores of the wood and continue cleaning the surface long after rinsing.



Features of Renew:

-Contains 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

-A U.S EPA Safer Choice product

-No hard scrubbing or pressure washing required

-Biodegrades into water and oxygen

-Bleach alternative

-Low odor

-Low toxicity

-Comes with activator (12oz.of activator per 1gal.)

-Continues cleaning after use


Renew can be used on surfaces like:




-Two year shelf life

-To be used in temperatures between 40°F and 100°F

-To be stored in temperatures between 32°F and 90°F

-Always wear safety goggles and water-resistant gloves when handling and using this product

-When applying in enclosed spaces, wear appropriate respiratory protection (basements/crawlspaces)

-Can cause skin burns and eye damage. Rinse thoroughly with water if face/eyes come in contact with the solution

-Some indoor applications may require a HEPA vacuum to remove debris and bubbles from the surface

-Store away from combustible materials

GreenOx Renew - 1gl w/Accelerator(qt)

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