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Fleet Gleam uses a powerful acting formula to brighten aluminum rails and tanks without damaging your paint. It works best when paired with a high pH truck wash soap and can eliminate the need for brushing.


  • Highly aggressive formula
  • Contains Hydrofluoric acid
  • Removes paint oxidization
  • Economic aluminum brightener
  • Helps eliminate brushing



Low pH 1st Step for Non-Polished Vehicles

Cleaning & Brightening Non-Polished Aluminum

Removing Oxidation & Minerals



Step 1: Low pH Pre-soak

Apply Fleet Gleam pre-soak to vehicle, bottom to top. The 1st step will help neutralize minerals and help unbind road film from the surface.

Step 2: High pH Soap

Blanket the vehicle with an alkaline soap (Step 2), directly on top of the Fleet Gleam, bottom to top.


Rinse the truck, top to bottom.



Ships UPS Hazardous Materials.

There is a $65 charge to ship Fleet Gleam via HAZMAT.


Shipping prices are Added after Checkout, Please call prior to ordering for shipping prices. Any chemicals ordered and then canceled after order will be subject to 10% restocking fee.


Fleet Gleam by Wash Works Supply - 5gl

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