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Fierce Jet 200ft 4250 PSI 3/8 Hose Rated For Use With Heat up to 311 degrees.

Single Wire High Pressure Hose


The #1 Rated Customer Chose Pressure Hose!


2 Male 3/8 Threaded Ends. (QC fittings sold separately)


Don't forget to add your quick connect fittings to your order!



Long-lasting Single wire non-marking Grey Hose. This high-quality, non-marking pressure washer hose is available in 4250 psi and 7600 psi versions for serious work.


Rugged, reliable, and flexible, FIERCE JET offers superior performance and extended life. Get the most out of your pressure washing with FIERCE JET from The Hose Company.


Non-markingSmooth Cover 1 & 2 -wire Braided Hose

Up To 311ºf Standard Male Ends Bend Restrictors

Fierce Jet 200ft 4250PSI 3/8 Hose Single Wire High Pressure

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