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(2) EBC Enviro Biro Cleaner

(1) EBC Glide 

(1) EBC Restorer


  1. EBC Restorer

EBC Restorer is a revolutionary new product that replaces traditional hazardous acid cleaners. EBC Restorer formula works with excellent health and safety benefits, replacing hydrochloric, citrus, glycolic, phosphoric, nitric and other DOT hazardous acids. Composed of low pH organic salt combined with a special blend of cleaning agents, this product performs superbly in many cleaning and restoration projects including the removal of fire retardant powder that is often used to help slow down structure fires and wild fires.

Removes Tire Marks, Rust Stains, Efflorescence & Mineral Deposits from all types of surfaces

  • Great for use on Concrete, Pavers, Tub & Tile, Grout, Urinals, Toilets & Showers

Heavy Oil/Grease Spots on Concrete: Pretreat with EBC Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser or degreaser of your choice. EnviroBioCleaner Restorer can be applied around oil/ grease areas to allow maximum penetration and dwell time for oil lifting process without 2-stepping the cleaning area. Do NOT introduce or add Sodium Hypochlorite (BLEACH) to process.

Light to Medium Tire Marks on Concrete or similar surfaces: Apply a dilution of 10:1 – 15:1 with water of Enviro Bio Cleaner Restorer directly onto the surface and immediately clean/rinse off with pressure washer wand or surface cleaner. Do dwell time as required.

Heavy Tire Marks on Concrete or similar surfaces: Apply a dilution of 5:1 – 8:1 with water of EBC Restorer directly on the surface and immediately clean/rinse off with pressure washer wand or surface cleaner. Repeat process if deep tire burns are still evident.

Light & Surface Rust Removal: Apply up to a dilution of 1:1 of EnviroBio- Cleaner Restorer with water. Apply directly to surface. Pre-wet area first for rust removal application due to ratio strength. Product will dissolve the rust slowly. For vertical surface, rust will dissolve the rust from top down without corrosive fumes. Agitation may be required for heavy stains. Rinse area with pressure washer.

Fire Retardant Powder Removal: Using a high draw chemical injector is the easiest way to achieve great results on surfaces such as concrete, stucco, vinyl, tile roofs plus so much more. Submerge your 10:1 chemical injector into undiluted EBC Restorer and apply directly to the surface, then soft wash all areas. Keep glass wet to avoid etching and keep off of painted or un painted wood surfaces. 


2. EBC Glide Glass & Window Cleaner

EBC Glide Glass & Window Cleaner is an advanced formula designed for maximum results in minimum time. Super concentrated means you use less soap. Super effective means you clean better and faster. Readily biodegradable surfactants makes EBC Glide Window Cleaner the perfect choice for your window cleaning needs.

Use EBC Glide Window Cleaner as an additive to your existing house wash mix. Simply add EBC Glide at 3-5 ounces per gal of mix and apply along with your standard house wash application, rinse and let air dry. EBC Glide Window Cleaner enhances the shine on exterior windows. Also perfect for individual squeegee work or water fed pole applications. EBC Glide Window Cleaner is the perfect soap for the pressure washing or window cleaning professional.

X-Jetting & Down Streaming (Based on a 5gal mix)

  • 4oz Apple Wash (Surfactant)(Scent Cover)(Marker Soap)
  • 4oz EBC Glide(Window Rinsing Aid)
  • 5oz Agent Green or 1oz Agent Green 5x
  • 2oz Apple Boost (Scent Cover)
  • 2oz EBC Multi Purpose De-Greaser (Soot,Spiders & Carbon)

Proportioner (Based on a 7gal mix)(House Washing)

  • 1.5-2gal Apple Wash   (Surfactant)(Scent Cover)(Marker Soap)
  • 20oz EBC Glide(Window Rinsing Aid)
  • 25oz Agent Green or 5oz Agent Green 5x
  • 20oz Apple Boost (Extra Scent Cover)(Keep Neighbours Happy)
  • 10oz   EBC Multi Purpose De-Greaser (Soot,Spiders & Carbon)
  • Fill the rest of the 7gal container with Water

You can also use EBC Glide when house washing and using either Dragon Grip or Secret agent.



3.  EBC

EBC hits hard and fast, with less impact on the user and environment.

EBC is the fully effective, water-based cleaning product you have been searching for! This versatile cleaner safely breaks down the molecular bonds which holds oils together, making it an excellent choice for use as an industrial strength degreaser as well as an effective, multi-use all purpose cleaner.

Concrete Heavy Build up Degreasing

*Parking stalls, drive thru order area, gas station pump area, grease collection stations, oil spills, food grease spills, hydraulic oil spills

1. Apply Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) 50/50 with pump up sprayer. Spray effected area until product has completely saturated grease area. Allow EBC to sit for 2 minutes. Agitate affected area with a stiff broom until grease/oil begins to lift from concrete.
2. Let area dry and sit for 15-20 minutes.
3. Pressure wash with wand or surface cleaner and rinse.
4. Reapply light mist of Enviro Bio Cleaner at 50/50 mix ratio to remove any remaining stains. Repeat step #3. **Note- affected area can be wet or dry when applying.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

*Gas/diesel pads, dumpster pads (interior/exterior), drive through windows heavy equipment, garages, engine degreasing, heavily soiled concrete or surfaces.

1. Mix ratio for Xjet or Down Streaming: 16-32 oz to 5 gallons water
2. Let sit for 5 minutes Agitate if necessary
3. Pressures wash with wand or surface cleaner, then rinse

General Cleaning

*Sidewalks, store entrances, house wash, building wash, paver cleaning, patio      cleaning, sealant prep, driveway cleaning, light machinery

1. Mix ratio for Xjet or Down Streaming 5-18 oz to 5 gallons water
2. Let sit for 3 minutes

3. Pressure wash with wand or surface cleaner, then rinse. Rinse windows very good. Add Chlorine if desired.

EBC Sample Bundle

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