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The Newest Gear Drive is here!


CRX 680cc Motor, paired with a 8gpm AR Pump Commercial Pressure Washer.



Unloader Options Explained


Wash Works Gear Drives ship with the best hose in the industry! All our builds include a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, and a 50ft section of FIERCE JET Hose!


Motor Oil : 10w30

Pump Oil: 30wt Non-Detergent


This is a super light weight compact machine that is sure to deliver!


8 Gallons Per Minute at 3500 PSI is a solid addition to any rig.


This unit has a 20amp recharge system to keep your battery charged and also allow for your unit to run a Softwash or Hot Box without depleting the battery while out in the Field.



-CRX 680cc Motor

-CRX Low Oil Shut Off Sensor

-Ultra Quiet Lo-Fi Exhaust


The Machine ships with 50ft of hose, a standard Gun Wand Assembly and Tips for 8GPM.

8gpm AR Pump 3500psi MGD-8035CA Gear Drive with CRX 680cc

PriceFrom $3,500.00
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